Couple Assessment

"My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships." ~Jada Pinkett Smith

Couple = You + 1 other person.  Married Couples, Co-Workers, Friends, Siblings...as long as there are 2 adult human beings, the Couple Assessment can help you unlock The POWER of WE™

"I took my personal assessment and was amazed at the insight derived about me as an individual.  BUT, I was completely blown away when I ran a Comparison Report for my wife and I.  We've been married nearly 30 years, we though we knew each other fairly well....BUT, that Comparison Report not only gave us insight to our relationship, but delivered specific actions to help us communicate better with one another.  Thank you Wiley and the Everything DiSC team...you actually improved my marriage!!"                       ~ Dr. Charles Freeman, CEO, LOQ Consulting 

Online Couple Assessment


Here's the process:  You and your partner each take an Individual Assessment.  Then, a Comparison Report is produced that analyzes your specific coupling and includes a format to facilitate a meaningful dialogue between you both.  Creating a common foundation where both of you understand yourselves in a new context (DiSC), you have a shared vocabulary to express yourselves, and a tool (Comparison Report) with specific actions to help communication, you are on your we to unlocking The POWER of WE™

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